The Grass Stings began its journey in Albemarle, NC in 1976. From its conception the Strings have remained a regional touring band. 

Randy Mauldin, makes his home in Midland, NC and has been with the band a total of 22 years. He sings harmony, lead vocals while playing banjo for the group. 

Lester Deaton, makes his home in Landis N.C. Les, a great asset for The Grass Strings, plays guitar and sings most of the lead vocals and adds harmony from time to time.

Also from Kannapolis, NC, Mr. Ronnie Elwood, Ronnie keeps the tempo from jumping track with some great bass work and mighty fine tenor vocals. 

Grace Bemus, makes her home in Charlotte, NC. She adds a touch of class and beauty to the group and really knows how to pull the bow on fiddle! She is also adding beautiful vocals to our shows as well.

Our newest member is Mr. Jonah Chaney. Making his home in Albemarle, NC, Jonah is playing mandolin and singing the baritone vocals. We invite you to come check us out soon. We look forward to seeing you!

Jonah Chaney is single and makes his home in Albemarle, NC. Jonah is playing mandolin and adding some mighty fine baritone vocals. He became a part of the group in January of 2023 and we are so blessed he chose to become a part of the new generation of this group.

Randy Mauldin plays banjo and contributes Baritone and lead vocals and serving as administrator of the group. Randy has been a member of the group for over 20 years collectively. Randy and wife Irina reside in Midland, NC.

Ronnie Elwood sings some of the best tenor vocal in Bluegrass and has the task of keeping this train on its tracks. One of the best players in the business! The Strings are blessed to have him. He’s quick with a joke as well as calling you out for not following his nearly perfect timing. Ronnie also lives in Kannapolis, NC.

Lester Deaton is one fine man as well as a great musician and singer. He has played alongside many Bluegrass legends as The Bluegrass Cardinals, and the “king of Bluegrass” Jimmy Martin and many more. He brings a wealth of wisdom about the business into our band and a solid foundation and rhythm. We are so pleased to have Lester as part of the band.

The new generation of the group started with Grace Bemus. She brings new life and excitement to the band with her fiddle playing, beautiful vocals and a fearless personality. She is a treasured member of the band and guarded as the future of this group. Gracie is single and lives in Charlotte, NC.

The Grass Strings